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Zero-Energy Home Plans
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Sq. Ft.:  1,915

Entry:  South, East, or West

Price:  $1,080 Basic Set, $1,275 Full Builder Set

Members of our new line-up of Positive NRG Homes™, the MB-1 and MB-2 plans are examples of how our plans can either be "dressed up" or "stripped down", depending on the owners needs and budget.  The MB-2 plan on this page is the stripped down version, with a minimally sized covered entry, but with two bedrooms and a den upstairs.  The den could easily become a fourth bedroom, or could be used as a family room.  Either plan has enough south-facing roof area to support up to 9.8KW of solar panels, or a solar hot water heater and 8 KW of PV.  Either way, this 1,915 square foot home will be WAY below net zero-energy in most climate zones.  Just completed in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA, this house is calculated to be able to power a Nissan Leaf electric car for more than 9,000 miles per year!   In it's first full year of operation, the MB-2 home exceeded our calculations, and went below net-zero-energy by over 2,500 Kwh, with just 6.44Kw of the planned 9.8 Kw of PV on the roof!  

For more information on this outstanding home, please see the case study done by Built Green® of King & Shohomish Counties Builders Association,

We also have an Arctic Version of this plan available, designed to handle temperatures as low as -60˚F! 

Our MB-2 plan was awarded the 2012 National Green Building Award for Concept & Research, our third such award in the last four years! 

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