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Zero-Energy Home Plans
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Zero-Energy Home Plans                            (Clifton View Homes re-direct)

MORE than Zero-Energy Home Plans, we now

offer Positive NRG™ Homes! 

That's right, homes that produce MORE
electricity than you need  --- Power your 
electric car, or sell it back to your utility! 
Are you looking for information on the design of the National Green Building Award-winning Ballard, WA Net-Zero-Energy House?  Select the MB-2 plan for more information.  This 1,915 sf home cost only $225,000 to build, including the solar panel system (not counting land)!
Zero-Energy Plans, LLC is the leading provider of proven Energy Efficient home designs to mainstream builders and do-it-yourselfers worldwide. Each of the High Performance Home Designs available through this site will use less than half the energy of a home built to the 2006 IECC, and have roof plans allowing sufficient south facing space for at least 4 KW of photovoltaic solar panels.  Most importantly, they are very affordable, with styling just like any other home.  Every home built to these plans is qualified under the IRS Tax Code Section 45L Credit for Construction of New Energy Efficient Homes of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  
Most people will spend twice as much on energy for their house and car over the life of a thirty-year mortgage as they spend on the initial purchase of their house! One of our Positive NRG Homes™ can provide all the energy you ever need for the car and the house.  In effect, you could have your HOUSE for FREE!


Download our FREE Heating Cost Calculator (Excel File)

What is a Positive NRG™ Home?  

A Positive NRG™ Home will produce more energy over the course of a year than it uses.  It is our goal that our newer designs will not only power themselves, but will also provide enough surplus energy to power your electric car.  Eleven of our Positive NRG™ Home plans have already been built, and are meeting or exceeding expectations! Order one of our Positive NRG™ Home plans today, and help us make this the "normal" way to build a new home!

The Twelve Essential Steps to

Six NEW Positive NRG™ Home Plans added to our collection!
The RC-3 plan, with only 5.6KW of PV on the roof, WILL POWER A full sized electric car MORE THAN 19,500 MILES PER YEAR!!!  SEE OUR PRESS PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION! 
We now have a full line-up of home plans up on this site that will power your car as well as your house!  We call them our Positive NRG Homes™.  Watch for this trademark as you scroll through our home plans.  These homes will perform in almost any climate zone, they are so well designed and so powerful!  Together we will change the way America builds homes!  You can lead the way in your neighborhood!
Our first Room with a Paycheck™ is now up on site, click on "Square Footage" drop down to "under 1000 sf", and you will see our 120 sf fully contained home! We have more of these micro-homes on the way, including 192 sf, and 382 sf. 
Asian style homes, from 500 sf to 1,000 sf are now available from Zero-Energy Plans, watch for new releases! 
ZEP wins National Green Building Award for third time in four years!  See article on Press Page. 
ZEP wins EVHA again... Twice!  See article on Press Page
What is the Payback Period for a Zero-Energy Home
LESS THAN THREE YEARS!  Hit the "Contact Us" button above to request more information!  Most of our Positive NRG™ Homes create net-positive cash flow from day one!
Click on PRESS PAGE link above for information and free download for designing Closed Crawl Spaces!
If you got this far on our site, congratulations! You are a true believer!  Are you interested in owning a house that will also power your electric car?  We have nineteen Positive NRG Homes™ already available (Positive NRG 1415, Positive NRG 2100, Positive NRG 1941, Positive NRG 1100 Cabin, Positive NRG 931-2, Positive NRG Triplex, Positive NRG 563-1, Koream Kabin 500-1, P-1, RC-1, RC-3, Garage 2, MB-1, MB-2, MB-3, K-1, H/N-1, KB-1, and SC-2), with more under development.  We will soon have a separate site devoted only to homes that will make you truly fossil fuel free, with a near net zero carbon footprint. Thank you for your interest!
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